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What is Virtual Reality Art Therapy?

About Virtual Reality Art Therapy

Mass adoption of Virtual Reality is an idea and technology who's time has finally come!  The convergence of powerful and affordable components, long term investment from tech giants, and accessible consumer design has resulted in an undeniable consensus that VR is here to stay and is only getting smaller, cheaper, and more intuitive. 

For artists and art therapists, VR art making provides an infinite canvas of possibilities to explore both creatively and therapeutically. As the ubiquity of digital natives becomes more pronounced in our world, adding VR art tools to our studios and offices offers clients a medium they can feel natural, familiar, and competent in. The ability for the virtual world to immerse you in your art including full body gestural movement opens up realms of increased physicality, attention, and engagement with the art making process.

The power and potential of Virtual Reality is compelling, however there is a challenging possibility of misuse and abuse in the form of escapism, addiction, and disconnection. Becoming well versed in the tools, process, and dynamics of VR as an early adopter enables the promotion of authentic self expression, integration, and social connection / engagement with the medium. As art therapists we have a chance to pioneer at the leading edge of this technology, shaping the conversation as mass adoption quickly emerges. 


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My Personal Journey with Traditional, Digital, and Virtual Reality Art Therapy

About Jeff

Jeff Lohrius MA, is a graduate of the Transpersonal Art Therapy program at Naropa University. During his internship at the 18th District Juvenile Diversion Counseling Program, Jeff implemented digital art tools into the existing art therapy framework. Upon graduating in 2008, he maintained an art studio in North Boulder, Colorado where he facilitated art therapy sessions with teens and engaged in traditional and digital art making for a number of years. After the birth of his daughter in the Fall of 2014, Jeff has been mainly devoted to the adventure of fatherhood and supporting his brilliant wife Allison in her therapy practice. Currently he has fully embraced the Virtual Reality art-making medium and is offering individual and group Virtual Reality Art Therapy sessions, workshops, and private consultations to other art therapists who wish to integrate VR tools into their own practice.